Functions of neuroVIISAS:
1) Generation of terminologies from lists of regions up to complex ontologies.
2) Linking external databases to nodes of ontologies
3) Define and work with competing, developing or variable terminologies
3) Defining stereotaxic coordinate systems
4) Import stacks of images: atlas contour images, histological, MRI, DTI, virtual slides
5) Definition of relations between ontologies and images
6) Import lists of neuronal connections
7) Visualizing sources and targets of connections in stereotaxic atlases
8) Nested 3D-atlas visualizations
10) Hierarchy based connectome navigation
11) Matrix visualizations of hierarchical and non-hierarchical connectomes
12) Interactive connectome exploration
13) Differential connectomics
14) Global and local connectome analysis
15) Multivariate and graph theoretical analysis and visualization
16) Phyton script generator for population simulations using atlas and connectome data.
17) Numerical and 2D-, 3D-simulation visualizations