o8t Labs: a machine learning image processing and functional connectomic pipeline

o8t Labs is a research tool offering a streamlined and standardized approach to image processing and anaysis. Requiring an anatomical T1, resting-state fMRI and DTI image series, Labs utilizes constrained spherical deconvolution to first perform a structural connectivity of the brains white matter tracts. Through the application of machine learning models, we then re-parcellate regions derived from the HCP Atlas onto realigned resting-state image series, creating an individualized brain atlas for further analyses. Functional connectomic analysis is then performed, correlating BOLD signal change at rest between each parcellation of the loaded subject’s brain. Correlations are compared against a bank of 250 healthy controls to determine typical and atypical functional connectivity. Multiple exports are currently available in Labs including processed image series, a structural atlas, as well as structural and functional connectivity matrices. Exports can be easily re-integrated into other analytic workflows.


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