This repository provides a DataLad dataset (git/git-annex repository) with a collection of popular computational tools provided within ready to use containerized environments. Versions of all images are tracked using git-annex with content of the images provided from a dedicated Singularity Hub Collection and (AKA /// of DataLad) or other original collections.

The aims for this project are: 1) to be able to include this repository as a subdataset within larger study (super)datasets to facilitate rapid and reproducible computation, while adhering to YODA principles and retaining clear and unambiguous association between data, code, and computing environments using git/git-annex/DataLad; 2) to assist with containers execution in "sanitized" environments: no $HOME or system-wide /tmp is bind-mounted inside the containers, no environment variables from the host system made available inside; 3) make Singularity images transparently usable on non-Linux (OSX) systems via Docker.


Apache License 2.0
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