User Friendly Functional Connectivity - UF²C

UF²C is an open source software developed at the Neuroimaging Laboratory at Unicamp that aims to simplify and organize functional studies in neuroimaging through clean and validated methodologies.
The graphical user interface makes the processing and analysis options accessible for neuroscientists, with reasonable choices of default settings. UF²C allows the user to study functional connectivity both through a quantitative view that provides detailed values of average connectivity and through a spatial view that provides statistical maps that can be directly used for further analyses. All results are carefully organized in a distinct folder for each subject, and a common folder is generated with a log file reporting the quantitative results of all the analyzed subjects.
Several UF²C modalities and tools runs combined with Statistical Parametric Mapping functions.
Coordinator and developer
Brunno M. de Campos, Ph.D.
Collaborator Developer
Raphael Fernandes Casseb, Ph.D.

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BSD License, GNU Lesser General Public License and GNU General Public License, v
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EEG-fMRI, Functional Connectivity, Tools


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