Caucasian and Chinese Brain templates [US200 CN200]

We use a diffeomorphic template building framework (ANTs) to create Caucasian (US200) and Chinese (CN200) brain templates based on high-quality T1 weighted MR images from HCP and CHCP datasets aged 19 to 37 years. The Caucasian and Chinese templates include brain/head templates and tissue probability templates.
If you use this atlas in your research, please quote the article:
Yang, G., Zhou, S., Bozek, J., Dong, H. M., Han, M., Zuo, X. N., . . . Gao, J. H. (2020). Sample sizes and population differences in brain template construction. Neuroimage, 206, 116318.

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Other Keywords:
brain template, Caucasian Adult, Chinese Adult