VAMCA Cortical Meta-analysis Toolbox

VAMCA: Visualization And Meta-analysis on Cortical Anatomy is a stand-alone, open source human cortical meta-analysis and visualization toolbox for MatLab. It projects stereotaxic coordinates to a mean cortical surface by using an anatomical database of 60 young adults to provide multiple mappings of normalized cortical surfaces into MNI space. VAMCA performs the following analyses:

1) Multi-Fiducial Projection Mapping: Map stereotaxic 3D coordinates to the normalized cortical location for each of 60 database subjects.
2) Computing Centroid Locations for groups of foci both on a mean cortical surface and in MNI space.
3) Comparing Two Groups of Foci for differences in location (surface or 3D) of their group centroids and computing the groups' overlap extent using permutation tests.
4) Detecting Significant Densities of Foci or Density Differences of Two Groups within anatomical ROIs on a mean cortical surface by using Monte Carlo analyses. Coordinate weights allow fixed or random effects type analyses.

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