Population-averaged diffusion tensor imaging atlas of the Sprague Dawley rat brain

The rat atlas can be downloaded in different data formats:
1. Mat-file: a single mat-file - ratatlas.m - contains all data, and is structured as follows:
DWI: Cell array containing all 13 diffusion weighted images
DT: Cell array containing the 6 independent diffusion tensor elements
FE: First eigenvectors
eigval: Three eigenvalues of the diffusion tensors
FA: Fractional anisotropy map
FEFA: FE map scaled by the FA map.
VDims: Voxel dimensions
g: Diffusion gradient directions
bval: Diffusion gradient strength
labels: Label field
T1: T1 image

2. Nifti: all diffusion weighted images, the T1 image, and label field are saved as individual nifti files (DWI_0..13.nii, T1.nii, and labels.nii). Diffusion gradient information has been stored in grad.txt, while the delineated anatomical structures are enumerated in labels.txt.

3. Amira: the label field is also provided in Amira format, labels.am. This file can be used for further segmentation, or (3D) visualization in Amira.

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