VUIIS - 3T - Functional Contrasts - Resting/MotorStim/SensoryStim/Visual

Six sets of images sensitive to BOLD contrast (TR=3s, TE=45ms, SENSE=2, matrix=80×80, FOV=240×240mm2, 3 mm thick slice with zero gap, 145 volumes). The BOLD images contained a resting state acquisition (Resting), sensory stimulations to the right hand and the left hand (Sensory-R and Sensory-L), motor tasks by the subjects’ right hand and left hand (Motor-R and Motor-L), and visual stimulations (Visual).

All stimulations/tasks were prescribed in a block design format (30s on, 30s off), with five additional volumes acquired without stimulations or tasks at the beginning of each run.

The blocks of stimulation or task were repeated seven times for each of the functional acquisitions. The total acquisition time was 435s, yielding 145 volumes for each task/stimulation.

MRI acquired on a 3-T Philips Achieva CRX scanner at Vanderbilt University Institute of Imaging Science.

Data includes T1-weighted images, and diffusion data (2x2x2mm3, 32 DWIs, b=1000).