Zebrafish heart segmentation

The package aims to perform image segmentation of the adult zebrafish cardiac ventricle obtained by light-sheet fluorescent imaging (also known as single plane illumination microscopy).

Please refer to the following article for the package:
Rene Packard, Kyung In Baek, Tyler Beebe, Nelson Jen, Yichen Ding, Feng Shi, Peng Fei, Bong Jin Kang, Po-Heng Chen, Jonathan Gau, Michael Chen, Jonathan Tang, Yu-Huan Shih, Yonghe Ding, Debiao Li, Xiaolei Xu, and Tzung Hsiai, "Automated Segmentation of Light-Sheet Fluorescent Imaging to Characterize Experimental Doxorubicin-Induced Cardiac Injury and Repair". Scientific Reports, in press, 2017.

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