Posted By: Dominik Meier - Mar 23, 2010
Tool/Resource: 3D Slicer
The Slicer Registration Case Library is collecting cases involving registration challenges addressed with the many registration tools available within the 3DSlicer package. Intended as a resource for the clinician researcher/end-user as specific support in addressing registration issues. Each case is embellished with a discussion on the main registration challenges, the best-practice strategies, and an example solution along with parameters and a step-by-step tutorial.
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The library grows by user contribution. If you have a registration problem of whatever nature that you seek to address using 3DSlicer, consider our "Call for Datasets" and offer to add your case to the library and in turn register the data for you. More details on this offer on:

We'd also love to hear about success stories: if you have used any of the Slicer registration module successfully, we'd be happy to add that example to the library also.

Finally we seek to enhance the documentation for the registration functionality and associated modules. A main registration portal page has been created that collects all documentation available on the subject:
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