Posted By: Steve Pieper - Oct 30, 2017
Tool/Resource: 3D Slicer
Some release highlights:

* a simpler Data module, which integrates Subject Hierarchy;
* improvements to the Segmentations module that add effects like Grow from seeds, Fill between slices, Surface cut, Mask Volume, Watershed, Fast marching and Flood Filling;
* improvements to slice viewers, including better crosshair usability and support for slice model projection;
* support for Volumetric Meshes;
* improvements to DICOM support that enable the definition of semantic meanings and faster imports;
* improvements to the Transforms module, such as support for interactively updating transforms in the 3D view and support for visualizing displacements of individual points;
* support for fast and interactive plotting through VTK Charts; and
* the transition from the mailing list to the 3D Slicer Forum on Discourse.

Please visit for a complete list of improvements and fixes.
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