Posted By: Hanchuan Peng - Jun 24, 2010
Tool/Resource: Vaa3D and Vaa3D-Neuron
New Vaa3D plugin interface is released along with new Vaa3D and V3D-Neuron version. A major plugin-interface upgrade. Besides the major new functions introduced in a recent release (v2.466, see release note below), this release adds the support of a more comprehensive plugin interface, which lets a plugin read and write the 3D curve and neuron, besides the 3D markers and a region of interest, that are associated with an image. Starting from this version, Vaa3D also comes with a new plugin, “ImageIO_bioformat”, to read dozens of image file formats such as PNG, JPEG, BMP, ZVI, AVI, etc. Thus the default set of Vaa3D release includes a bunch of plugins, for example

1. conversion a 4D stack to 5D time series (and vice versa),
2. ImageIO_bioformat: read dozens of image file formats, or batch-convert to tiff stacks (based on LOCI Bio-formats Java library, which has great, but varying ability depending on platforms to read different file formats),
3. fast (linear-time) image distance transform in both 2D and 3D,
4. demo programs of the single-image and multi-image plugin interfaces, etc.

The source code of these default plugins can be downloaded below.

This version is the best to support the ongoing Open-Source Vaa3D-ITK project, which tries to convert some commonly useful ITK filters to Vaa3D-plugins. As of now (June 2010), the source code of the Vaa3D-ITK project can be checked out using git. For more information, see the Toolbox page.
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