Posted By: Hanchuan Peng - Dec 6, 2010
Tool/Resource: Vaa3D and Vaa3D-Neuron
As a high-performance 3D/4D/5D image visualization and processing platform for large scale microscopic data, Vaa3D has recently attracted a lot of attention. However, one commonly requested feature is that Vaa3D should be launched from both command line (followed by some image file names) and graphical interface.

As of now (version > v2.540), Vaa3D can be run from the command line (Linux, Windows, and Mac) with multiple files directly. This means that Vaa3D can be launched from a web page, etc. Also included in the new version is a feature to open an image on any web address directly.

For more information, check Vaa3D website, mailing list and discussion forum.

Vaa3D official website:
Vaa3D mailing list:
Vaa3D discussion forum:

* Vaa3D lets you explore & understand your
large 3D/4D/5D images a lot easier!
- fast 3D+ image visualization and analysis,
WYSIWYG, and easy plugin interface:
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