Posted By: Pierre Bellec - Jan 17, 2011
Tool/Resource: NeuroImaging Analysis Kit (NIAK)
Release of NIAK version This is mainly a bug-fix release for the fMRI preprocessing pipeline :
* the option to get rid of volumes in the motion correction corrupted the data (opt.motion_correction.suppress_vol). If the number of suppressed volumes was zero (which should be the case with any dataset acquired recently) there was no problem.
* with multi-session data (i.e. two or more than two fields "session1", "session2" etc were used), the average fMRI volumes are off. As a result, the fMRI to T1 coregistration was likely to fail.
Also, the pipeline manager (PSOM) is now much faster to initialize and submit jobs.
See the [ release notes] for details.
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