Posted By: Gary Hui Zhang - Oct 7, 2012
Tool/Resource: DTI-TK
Recent research has generally advocated the use of study-specific templates, for spatial normalization, over standardized ones. The standardized template, although not always as accurate as one's own study-specific template, does offer substantial benefit in computational efficiency, as the latter will require an expensive iterative bootstrapping construction. So a useful question to ask here is whether there are circumstances the standardized template may offer a satisfactory alternative to study-specific ones. This is precisely what Shengwei Zhang and Konstantinos Arfanakis, from Illinois Institute of Technology, have investigated in their recent article "Role of standardized and study-specific human brain diffusion tensor templates in inter-subject spatial normalization" in Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging. If you are interested in knowing what they found, please click the link below:

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