Posted By: David Kennedy - Nov 29, 2012
Tool/Resource: NITRC Computational Environment (NITRC-CE)
The NITRC team’s latest service is NITRC Computational Environment, an on-demand, cloud based computational virtual machine pre-installed with popular NITRC neuroimaging tools. You can upload your data, or data from the NITRC Image Repository (, and use our 'public AMI' to conduct your analyses on the Amazon EC2. NITRC-CE will also be released through the AWS Marketplace ( by the end of this year; we will send another news bulletin when it is available.

The NITRC-CE AMI is built on Ubuntu 11.04 using NeuroDebian ( It currently comes pre-installed with, amongst other things, FreeSurfer, FSL, AFNI and numerous python-based packages. Plans are in place to include additional operating systems, software releases and Amazon execution zones. Advanced users, of course, can add additional software to their instance of the NITRC-CE base platform.

Researchers who want to use NITRC-CE need an Amazon AWS account (see, and all Amazon costs are borne by the user. Amazon EC2 instance types of various performance specifications from micro to the 'High I/O Quadruple Extra Large' are supported. SGE support is included which facilitates multithreading of software (such as FSL) across multiple virtual cores.

For more information, see the NITRC-CE discussion forum at .
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