Posted By: Torsten Rohlfing - Jan 10, 2014
Tool/Resource: Computational Morphometry Toolkit (CMTK)
We are pleased to announce Release 3.0 of CMTK, the Computational Morphometry Toolkit (code name "Cambridge").

This release fixes a number of major problems in earlier releases, specifically:

1. The handling of affine transformation matrices was broken, leading to incorrect derivation of transformation parameters from matrices. CMTK 3 continues to read existing transformation files exactly as earlier versions, but files created by CMTK 3 and later will be different.

2. The handling of image-to-space transformations in NIFTI files (qform and sform) was inconsistent with the NIFTI standard. CMTK 3 will continue to read existing NIFTI files in exactly the same way as earlier versions, but newly created files will differ.

See Release Notes for further details on changed behaviour.
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