Posted By: Alexis Girault - Jan 15, 2014
Tool/Resource: ShapePopulationViewer
The 1.3.2 was released today.

After sharing our tool at NA-MIC in Utah, we have been able to get enough reviews to identify bugs to correct and add new features.

Big update for this version : choose what to display in your Window, and export it in PDF or other high resolution file. Perfect to print on your papers!

Also, we deliver here the last main features of ShapePOpulationViewer, since we believe it now delivers all the tools we needed.
Alexis Girault who was leading its development will be working on other projects at UNC, but will still take care of maintaining this project.

Enjoy visualizing with ShapePopulationViewer 1.3.2, and do not hesitate to leave a review!
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