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Jan 27, 2014 Last revision : changelog
Since the latest version (1.3.2), some revisions have been made to ShapePopulationViewer. Those revisions include bug corrections and a new feature : reading not only VTK but also...
Jan 15, 2014 ShapePopulationViewer v1.3.2 Released
The 1.3.2 was released today. After sharing our tool at NA-MIC in Utah, we have been able to get enough reviews to identify bugs to correct and add new features. Big update for...
Jan 14, 2014 NAMIC over : ShapePopulationViewer as a Slicer Extension
After a snowy week in Salt Lake City, we are glad to announce that ShapePopulationViewer is available as an extension for Slicer 4.3.1 and Slicer Nightly. Namic project page : Slicer...