Posted By: Torsten Rohlfing - Aug 4, 2014
Tool/Resource: Computational Morphometry Toolkit (CMTK)
We are pleased to announce the release of CMTK 3.2.2.

This release fixes a handful of small but significant bugs (in vtkxform and the transformation concatenation library code). See CHANGELOG for full details.

Sadly, this will be the last release of CMTK coming out of SRI. Future releases will be supported by myself personally but will have no institutional backing. As an immediate side effect, I will no longer be able to provide binary packages for the Windows and MacOS platforms after this release. Volunteers with access to suitable build systems are welcome to come forward at this time.

To be clear - CMTK is not orphaned, but development resources will be somewhat reduced going forward.

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  • Sep 7, 2014  11:09 AM | Greg Jefferis
    macos build hardware
    Hi Torsten,

    Can you explain what's required for a build machine? We would probably be interested in maintaing the macos builds. Also are you going to make any changes to the development setup e.g. move to github, add a CI server like travis?