Posted By: Beatriz Paniagua - Nov 11, 2014
Tool/Resource: SPHARM-PDM Toolbox
Dear SPHARM-PDM Community

The SPHARM-PDM team is working towards requesting funds to maintain our current shape tools as well as enhancing it with other interesting functionality such as improved statistics or shape analysis for non-spherical topology objects. Within this proposal we also include improved dissemination efforts: workshops in clinical and methodological conferences, video tutorials and more. These are exciting times for us!

As part of that work, we want to estimate the size of our user community. It is crucial for us to show that the scope of our efforts has reached and will continue reaching many people.

If you have used the tool, published papers with it, or you know somebody that has done so, please let us know. Please fill a survey here:

Thank you!
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