Posted By: Alark Joshi - Jul 16, 2008
Tool/Resource: BioImage Suite

BioImage Suite 2.6 is an update of version 2.5 released in January 2008. The main features of this release are:

* Lots of little improvements and bug fixes including improved NIFTI format handling for better data interexchange with other software.
* First release of the complete BioImage Suite manual in both pdf (325 pages) and html formats. See and
* Inclusion of Broadmann Areas atlas defined on the MNI T1 Template (Colin 27) Brain at 1 mm resolution. This work was presented in HBM 08.
* Improved Objectmap Editing tool with new objectmap regularization option to smooth manually defined regions. This was used in the creation of the Broadmann Areas atlas.
* New optimized fMRI GLM Tool for single subject fMRI analysis -- this complements already available multisubject analysis tools. This includes a user-friendly graphical user interface for defining activation tasks/blocks. Ability to leverage AFNI for single subject GLM analysis in addition to internal code (results are identical).
* New Manual Registration Tool which complements existing automated linear and nonlinear methods already available.
* Substantially improved Colormap Editor with additional presets and graphical transfer function editing. The resulting improvements are particularly useful for obtaining optimal volume rendering displays.
* New Diff-SPECT tool for detecting statistically significant blood flow changes between ictal and interictal SPECT in Epilepsy.
* Improved "bookmark" tools for marking favorite images/directories and setup files in various viewers and controls.
* Revamp of build system to make it more standards compliant. Update to CMake 2.4.x. A user should now be able to install from source using simply "make install". BioImage Suite should also compile with CMake 2.6
* Packages on Linux/Mac OS X are now in .sh format (built with CPack)
* Improved integration with the Windows shell with the ability to automatically detect and execute the appropriate version of VTK when a .tcl script is invoked (either on the console or via double-clicking). This is in preparation for the peaceful coexistence of BioImage Suite 2.x (based on VTK 4.4) with the upcoming BioImage Suite 3.0 (based on VTK 5.2).

BioImage Suite is supported in part by the National Institutes of Health (NIH)/National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB) under grant R01 EB006494. It is made available under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) v2.

Installation Innstuctions

There are two types of binary installers provided:

1. Complete: This is a complete package and includes all necessary files to run BioImage Suite (including VTK, ITK, Tcl/Tk etc.)
2. Upgrade: This assumes that BioImage Suite 2.5 is already installed on your computer and does not include any other common files

To download follow the instructions at The direct link to the beta download side is
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