Posted By: David Kennedy - Feb 22, 2018
Tool/Resource: NIMH Data Archive / National Database for Autism Research
The NIMH Data Archive (NDA) is pleased to announce data from the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) Study ( first annual release is now available.

This inaugural annual data release contains unprocessed neuroimaging data from ~4,500 research participants aged 9-10 years old, as well as all non-imaging assessment data from the physical and mental health, neurocognition, substance use, biospecimens and culture and environment domains, including:
- High-resolution structural data (3D T1 - and T2-weighted scans)
- Advanced diffusion MRI (multiple b-values and directions)
- Resting State fMRI
- Task fMRI (Monetary Incentive Delay, Stop-Signal, and Emotional N-Back), along with raw E-Prime task files for each fMRI run

If you are mainly interested in the phenotypic, clinical, and data derived from MRI images, you should navigate to the pre-prepared packages section of the NDA and use the NDA "Download Manager" tool to initiate download of the 3GB dataset. The query tool can also be used to download a subset of that data.

The raw MRI images and the minimally processed imaging files are over 30TB in size which may make data transfer difficult. To access those images, you can apply for Computational Credits and compute on the data in the cloud without downloading the needed files in their entirety (see link). You can also use the query tool to find a subset of the data that are directly relevant to your research questions and download that subset as needed. Finally, if you feel that you really need the full imaging data please contact the NDA help desk ( to obtain help in getting the data that you need.

For additional guidance, review our soon to be available tutorial at, or attend an upcoming webinar on ABCD Data Access (sign up below). The entire annual release can be found 10.15154/1412097 or by navigating to NDA Collection 2573 and selecting download to package data. For those that may not already have access, the instructions to request access are available here.
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