Posted By: Sang Kyoon Park - Aug 26, 2020
Tool/Resource: DTI Atlas Builder
The new version 1.6.4 has the ability to build an atlas from multiple subject and multiple longitudinal intra subject images. Users needs to configure the hiearchical tree (e.g. root node has multiple subject nodes having their longitudinal images). The new menu 'New project' generates the initial root node. Then one can generate nodes for each subject or group of images to build an atlas.

The scaffolding of the output directory has changed slightly. 'final_atlas' directory will have the final output and all the intermediary and sub atlases will be stored under 'atlases' directory. Users may just generate the project directory containing all the necessary information in it and use it in different machine by executing '' in 'scripts' directory. 'common' directory contains all the hiearchical and parameter informations.

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Thanks and happy tensoring.
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