DTI Atlas Builder

This tool creates an Atlas image as an average of several DTI images that will be registered. The registration will be done in two steps :
- Affine Registration with BRAINSFit
- Non Linear Registration with GreedyAtlas
A final step will apply the transformations to the original DTI images so that the final average can be computed.

The main function writes a python script that will be executed to compute the Atlas.

By running DTIAtlasBuilder, you will need to fill in informations in a Graphical User Interface, and then compute the Atlas. You can also run the tool in command line (no GUI).
Using the GUI, you will be able to save or load a dataset file or a parameter file.

The tool needs these other tools to work, so be sure to have these installed on your computer:
- ImageMath
- ResampleDTIlogEuclidean
- CropDTI
- dtiprocess
- GreedyAtlas
- dtiaverage
- DTI-Reg
- unu
- MriWatcher (requires glut library)

This package is also available as an extension of 3D Slicer (http://www.slicer.org)

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