Posted By: Sang Kyoon Park - Oct 13, 2020
Tool/Resource: DTI Fiber Tract Statistics
New version 1.8.1 is released

If you have questions or suggestions, please contact to SK Park via
Or, you can post an issue at



Changes & Enhancements
- Multithreading in fiberprocessing, dti-tract-stat.
- RemoveNan Checkbox added to FiberProcess tab
- Minor bug fixed
- CLI bug fixed
- ComputeAll bug fixed
- GUI now can choose whether removeNanFibers in Fiberprocess tab.
- Merge Tab removed
- Bandwidth parameter can be passed by UI
- dtitractstat related computation bug fixed
- Minor appearance changed (version, overwriting messages)
- FADTTSter repository chaneged to master
- Build script bug fixed for OSX
- CSV Table is now able to remove a selection of table. (Previously available only line by line)
- Tabs are now all enabled without having processed the previous step.
- Build script fixed , users can build the tool suite with the standard environment described in Dockerfile. (CentOS7 only)
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