Posted By: Lars Kasper - Aug 1, 2023
Tool/Resource: PhysIO Toolbox
This release combines the latest major and minor developments in PhysIO (v8.0 through v8.1), including implementation of our latest publication on robust estimation of respiratory volume per time via the Hilbert Transform,

New Features

- New method for computing respiratory volume per unit time (RVT) via the
Hilbert transform.
- Publication: Harrison et al., "A Hilbert-based method for processing
respiratory timeseries", NeuroImage, 2021.
- This is now the default option, but the old method is available by
setting `physio.model.rvt.method = 'peaks'` (or the equivalent within
the SPM batch editor).

- Respiratory preprocessing now includes an optional de-spiking step based on
median filtering.
- Now possible to change the frequencies of the respiratory filtering during
preprocessing via `physio.preproc.respiratory.filter` (or the equivalent
within the SPM batch editor).
- More robust detrending of raw respiratory timeseries via windowed padding
before filtering.

- Compatibility of whole code base with Matlab compiler in order to run `spm_make_standalone`
- provides oppurtunity to run SPM Batch Editor GUI version of PhysIO without Matlab license requirement
- compiled version readily available within [Neurodesk](

- BIDS Read-in for separate cardiac/respiratory trace files (e.g., due to different sampling frequencies)
- see GitHub Issue #164 and pull request #167 by @alexsayal
- Additional unit tests for new read-in and example data

- Synchronization SIEMENS AcquisitionLog / Physiological files (see Github issue #172)
- better visualization of sync, clearer error messages if dummy scans not found
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