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Jan 1, 2021  10:01 AM | Yizhen Li
I² index and Egger test with ES-SDM5.15
Dear expert and researchers:

  I try to examine the heterogeneity and publication bias in brain regions which I got from the main meta-analysis using 'extract' and 'funnel plot' function, but disappontly got high I²(66%) and significant Egger p(0.008) value with one of the mask(blob).

  But when I use the mask of peak(local peaks in this blob) I got low I² and p>0.05 with Egger test.
  It may be possible that the restricted number of studies lead to this problem(8 studies with 39 foci). But I note that all of the original studes have reported this region.

  My question is that is it  appropriate to report this brain region in my result now?
  And how to explain the significant p value in the mask of blob but no significant p value in mask of local peaks in the blob?

  Thanks very much for any help from you! Happy new year!