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May 24, 2023  08:05 PM | Daniel Balentine
Jittery Dicoms coming out of mri_reface

Having some issues with the Dicoms coming out of mri_reface. The original data I am feeding it are T1Wtd directories, and the defaced niftis look great, but that is not the case with the output Dicoms. The output dicoms seem to be jittery, with the brain staying still but the skull and everything else shifting in orientation and contrast every few slices. Has anyone ever seen this before? Any help would be appreciated.


Daniel Balentine
Nov 17, 2023  10:11 PM | Christopher Schwarz - Mayo Clinic
RE: Jittery Dicoms coming out of mri_reface


I'm sorry I missed your message. I thought I was subscribed to receive an email for posts in this forum, but apparently I was only subscribed to "general-discussion" but not "help". 

I haven't seen what you describe before. It sounds to me like you have a mismatch across multiple volumes that are getting jumbled back together. 

DICOM always finds new ways to be unusual, even when we think we've seen everything (which includes some really large and varied studies like ADNI and SCAN). Is there any way you can de-identify your DICOM sufficiently that you can email it to me, and I can take a look? 


Chris Schwarz