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Mar 2, 2015  02:03 PM | yd li
no MRML files output on SPHARM-PDM

I am a Ubuntu 14.04 user. I downloaded Slicer 4.4.9 linux-amd64 and sucessfully installed spharm-pdm extension.  I ran spharm-pdm on my own data. The processing finished with no error message. However, I got no MRML folder in results, as well as no files in folder ‘BatchMake_Scripts’. 
Would you tell me any solution? or suggestion?

Mar 6, 2015  06:03 PM | Martin Styner
RE: no MRML files output on SPHARM-PDM
That's actually all correct. We scrapped the MRML creation (as changes in Slicer happened too often for us to keep up with adapting the MRML stuff). For QC, we now use ShapePopulationViewer and not Slicer.

To look at the surfaces, load the generated CSV file (in folder OutputGroupFile) into ShapePopulationViewer. If you have hundreds of datasets, you best take that CSV and subdivided into smaller batches (of rows) as ShapePopulationViewer will otherwise attempt to load all of the datasets at the same time.

And the BatchMake_script folder should be empty (the batchmake files are in the main folder).