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Aug 30, 2015  06:08 PM | S Mody - Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Using FSL for cluster labelling via PyCluster
Hello all,

1. Has anybody used PyCluster for automatic labelling as described on the PyCluster "Usage" page? :
See the bottom of the page.

2. The auto labelling requires the FMRIB, FSL software to be installed. Has anyone installed FSL on openSUSE?

FSL is a huge download (1.7 GB). Moreover, It is not clear from the FMRIB FSL page whether it can be installed on Linux distributions other than Debian or CentOS.
I'm using openSUSE and I don't want to go to the trouble of downloading all of it and then finding out that it doesn't work on my distribution.
Installing on windows requires a installation of a virtual environment - so that is even less convenient.

Is there some smaller part of FSL that can be downloaded just for the purpose of cluster labelling.

Thank you,
SK Mody