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Mar 22, 2016  01:03 AM | Pierre-Louis Bazin
RE: Installation Problems

The latest (3.0.8) version of the CBS Tools should work with any release version of MIPAV from 7.0 onward, so far.
You also need a recent JIST version (3.2), conveniently included in the CBS Tools 'bundle'. To install those, just unzip the bundle, start MIPAV, and there select the jar files under 'plugins->install plugins'. No need to uncompress them. Whether you get a positive (plugins installed etc.) or negative ('no plugins installed, select proper file') the files have been installed, and you then just need to select to install the JIST layout tool and process manager from the ~/mipav/plugins directory (if not already installed). Details on this procedure are given in the CBSTools user guide, although the version numbers indicated there are older.


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RE: Installation Problems
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