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Jan 19, 2017  04:01 PM | Ian Greenhouse
RE: Installation Problems
I am experiencing a similar problem with my installation - MIPAV 7.4.0 running on OSX 10.11.6 and the CBS bundle 3.0.8. I unpacked the .zip bundle and select the .jar files for installation. After clicking the Install Plugin(s) button, about a minute passes before I receive the expected pessimistic message 'No plugins were installed, please select valid MIPAV plugin files.' However, the plugins are not visible in the Plugins menu before or after restarting mipav. The time delay between clicking the install button and receiving the pessimistic message suggests the plugins were installed, but are not appearing in the Plugins menu. Any ideas as to why the plugins may not show up in the menu?

Thanks for any help.


Never mind. I found Kevin Aquino's post below and solved the issue. Thanks anyways.

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RE: Installation Problems
Ian Greenhouse Jan 19, 2017