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Nov 7, 2016  11:11 PM | Nick Schmansky
RE: freesurfer_annot_to_gifti files DataType
Hi, in the case of the annotation file lh.aparc.a2009s.gii, the data is RGBA values, which are unsigned, so technically i suppose UINT32 is the accurate data type.  however, it appears the fact that UINT32 is not one of the required gifiti datatypes means that it probably should be defined as INT32.  i'm not sure what to do at this point, as an argument could be made either which should change:  either UINT32 is added as a valid datatype (thus making the freesurfer_annot valid), or freesurfer should change the datatype for annot labels to INT32.   maybe you have thoughts on this.  in any case, it gets interpreted as an RGBA value, so it doesnt really matter.


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RE: freesurfer_annot_to_gifti files DataType
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