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Aug 21, 2017  02:08 PM
Unable to read reference brain
Hi Developers,

I am using CMTK+munger on Ubuntu 16.04.
I downloaded CMTK-3.3.1-Linux-x86_64-core.rpm and install it in my Linux system.
After that, I tried to use the munger but it gave me an error:

$ munger -a -w  -X 26 -C 8 -G 80 -R 4 -A '--accuracy 0.4' -W '--accuracy 0.4'  -T 2 -s Meanbrain.nii Template.nii
Unable to read reference brain at /usr/local/bin/munger line 97.

The file Meanbrain.nii  and Template.nii are in the same folder (I had navigated to that directory in my terminal and also added that directory to .profile).
Would you happen to know why this is happening?
Thank you very much.

Best regards,
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Unable to read reference brainWai ChangAug 21, 2017