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Feb 7, 2018  03:02 PM | Christopher Adamson
RE: Stuck at "Initializing Startup Routine"
Originally there were some shortcut files in the incoming directory. I deleted them, then ran FIRMM and it still got stuck. The FIRMM process pegs 1 cpu at 100% usage.

At the moment I haven't got it connected to a scanner, I'm just going to copy existing files into the incoming directory ala. the test method.

What should I be seeing in the status window?

Thanks for the help.

FIRMM -t does not work, I get the same problem.

The output on the console follows:

* machine = firmmproc-VirtualBox
* incoming dir = /home/firmmproc/FIRMM/incoming
* outgoing dir = /home/firmmproc/FIRMM/outgoing
* django dir = /home/firmmproc/FIRMM/django
* resampling to 4mm = Yes

mv: cannot stat '../django/live_JSON/*.json': No such file or directory
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RE: Stuck at "Initializing Startup Routine"
Feb 7, 2018