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Feb 6, 2018  06:02 AM | Eric Earl - Oregon Health & Science University
RE: Stuck at "Initializing Startup Routine"

Thanks for trying FIRMM!  We are happy to help either here on the forums or over email at  That message and the stalling means that either FIRMM may have been started before you had any folders streaming into your SAMBA shared directory between the SIEMENS scanner and the FIRMM PC OR there is a folder in the SAMBA share, but none of the DICOMs are EPI sequences yet.  I feel the former case is more likely, given your screenshot, as I would expect to see patient info in your Patient Info Table had it found the folder and SIEMENS DICOMs were there.

As for debug info, we don't suppress any important status messages so what you see in the terminal is all the relevant troubleshooting information.  Standard status messages are what go into the blue status bar above the FD plot in the web interface.

Side note: If running "FIRMM -t" works, then FIRMM is operating correctly and it is using the appropriate port forwarded through the FIRMM Docker image.  Unfortunately, you will need to test whether the scanner is able to stream DICOMs to the SAMBA share separately.

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RE: Stuck at "Initializing Startup Routine"
Feb 6, 2018