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Mar 29, 2018  12:03 AM | Tawfik Moher Alsady
RE: Reproducibility analysis mICA
Hi Will,

First to your question, yes you have to run mica for all subfolders generated by split-half (number of mica commands = 2 x number of dimensionalities). One can use a bash script to schedule them all using fsl_sub if your fsl setup uses parallel processing. Or call mica one by one for each folder.

About ic_corr.r, I guess you are using python 3. A small change has to be made to the script to make it compatible with python 3:
Line 72: change the following

Change line 178 and 180:
xtics=range(0,len(dims), int(math.ceil(len(dims)/15.0)))

xtics=list(range(0,len(dims), int(math.ceil(len(dims)/15.0))))

I hope it works now. If it works I will post an updated version with those changes.

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RE: Reproducibility analysis mICA
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