masked ICA (mICA) Toolbox

mICA Toolbox is a user-friendly toolbox to perform masked independent component analysis, i.e. ICA within a spatially restricted subregion of the brain. It is based on command line tools from FSL suite to perform the ICA and related analyses (e.g. specific data preprocessing, atlas-based mask generation, mICA-based parcellation, dual-regression and direct back reconstruction). Various options provide flexible control of the analysis.

mICA Toolbox is a helpful utility for researchers in the field of neuroimaging. It facillitates the study of intrinsic connectivity of brain (sub-)regions and the reconstruction of their extrinsic connectivity (i.e. connectivity with regions outside of the mask).

The toolbox furthermore offers an easy way to calculate ICA reproducibility over a range of decomposition dimensions, which can be used to overcome the common problem of dimensionality estimation.

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