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Mar 20, 2019  12:03 PM | Xenophon Papademetris


1. We can output native space now. Try

After you Computed Diff Spect Maps, then click "Map TMAP to Native Space"
To see the images later go to Show diff SPECT Data Tree. Open the folder diff spect and and right click on either tmap or tmap native

1. There are updated command line tools (alpha!)

Download here:
Use npm install to install these (as any node package, e.g. sudo npm install -g biswebnode-1.1.0-a9.tgz)

To run the diffspect

biswebnode diffspect -h

To save the tmap in native space you must specify both

--native true
--output2 somefilename.nii.gz

Here is an example:

biswebnode diffSpect -i Patient2ICTAL.nii.gz -r Patient2INTERICTAL.nii.gz --native true --nonlinear false --output ~/Desktop/diff.nii.gz --output2 ~/Desktop/diffnat.nii.gz


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