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Oct 3, 2019  07:10 PM | Andrada Ianus - UCL
RE: A minor bug
Dear Ricardo,

Thank you so much for noticing this. I apologise for replying so late, I was changing labs over the summer and I haven't been following this space :)
I'm glad you had a workaround and solved the issue, I will fix it in the code soon as well.

In general, if a waveform looks as you expect when you plot it and the sum of the gradients is zero (I assume the designed gradients are balanced) then it is likely correct.

I'm really happy you found the toolbox useful! Please let me know if you have any other questions.


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Ricardo Alonso Rios Carrillo Jun 12, 2019
RE: A minor bug
Andrada Ianus Oct 3, 2019