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Jun 12, 2019  10:06 PM | Ricardo Alonso Rios Carrillo - UNAM
A minor bug
Hi! I have been using this toolbox for simulating DW-MRI signals with oscillate gradients with compartments that try to sitmulate axonal loss.

I have been trying stuff like your papers to see if i can get a reasonable parameter configuration to use in our 7T Bruker scanner.

The thing is when I was trying to simulate TWOGSE gradients I found a little mistake with the wave_form.m function: There are some cases that you can get to line 281 without the i_smalldel variable defined before this point, resulting in a matlab error. I just added:
i_smalldel = i;
i_delta = i_smalldel;
after line 254 to workaround this error. It looks like it works but not sure if it is the right thing to do.

I just wanted to report this. Thank you for the toolbox I have been learning a lot thanks to it.

Greeting from México!

Ricardo Rios

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A minor bug
Ricardo Alonso Rios Carrillo Jun 12, 2019
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