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Jan 3, 2020  04:01 PM | Shilpi Modi - Thomas Jefferson University
RE: dcm2niix for Philips PAR/REC files
Originally posted by Chris Rorden:
  Yes, the latest version of my software is dcm2niix. You can always get the latest stable version by downloading MRIcroGL, or if you are feeling brave you can compile the latest beta release from Github (
 The software will convert PAR/REC files just fine. You have three options (I tested this on OS X)
   1.) With MRIcroGL, select Import/ConvertDicomToNifti, then drag and drop your PAR file onto the new dcm2nii window.
   2.) With MRIcroGL, select Import/ConvertDicomToNifti. The dcm2nii window appears. This dcm2nii has an associated menu - select the menu item File/Par/RecToNifti - select the PAR file you wish to convert using the file selection dialog box.
  3.) You can also call dcm2niix from the command line, for example "./dcm2niix ~/Desktop/a.PAR"


When trying to convert Philips PAR REC files to nii using MRIcoGL I an getting the following warning:

Compression will be faster with pigz.exe in the same folder as the executable
Chris Rorden's dcm2niiX version v1.0.20190902 (JP2:OpenJPEG) (JP-LS:CharLS) MSC1900 (64-bit Windows)
Warning: dcm2niix PAR is not actively supported (hint: use dicm2nii)
Warning: Distance between slices reported by slice gap+thick does not match estimate from slice positions (issue 273).
Done reading PAR header version 4.2, with 4950 slices
Philips Scaling Values RS:RI:SS = 1.64078:0:0.00206002 (see PMC3998685)

Can this warning be override?



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