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Feb 10, 2020  08:02 PM | jmatthews - Rotman Research Institute
Compiling Requirements and Version Suggestions

We are attempting to run this toolbox with Matlab R2019b on a CentOS6 server. When we try to run the install script or compile RegionGrowing_mex.cpp ourselves, we get an error stating our g++ version 4.4.7-17 is not supported and that we need version 6.3.x.

We were also confused because the toolbox will run without successfully running the install script or compiling anything, although our resulting prob maps are empty for an input with obvious lesions. Is this expected? I would have expected the toolbox to throw an error without the required script? Or is the toolbox intended to run with the included RegionGrowing_mex.m script?

Is there a version of matlab you would recommend on which the compilation is usually smooth?

Thank you