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Jun 22, 2020  07:06 AM | george yerou
RE: CMTK installation in Linux system
It is worth highlighting that if the repository  is downloaded as a tar.gz, as in step 1, then the folder named "cmtk 3.3.1" should be renamed to "core" prior to step 7. If the repository is obtained by svn/git cloning then this does not need to be done.

Originally posted by Torsten Rohlfing:
Hi Erin -

CMTK requires a few system and third-party packages to be installed in your system. What your seeing is the package installed telling you that it cannot satisfy these requirements.

Since the listed missing packages include the system C and C++ runtime libraries, this is very like the result of a version mismatch between the system on which the package was built (aka my home computer) and the system you're trying to install on.

I recall that I build the package on a Fedora 24 system, so hypothetically, on that version of that distribution, you should not be experiencing any problems. But that is hardly worth switching your OS for, so let's forget about that.

Sadly, since you have the system you have and I have the one I have, the simplest way to solve your problem would be to build CMTK from source code yourself.

It's not actually that hard, but you will need at least a C++ compiler (gcc recommended but clang should work) and CMake to be installed on your system.

Then follow these steps:

1. Download say into your home directory.
2. mkdir ~/cmtk
3. cd ~/cmtk
4. tar -xzvf ~/CMTK-3.3.1-Source.tar.gz
5. mkdir build
6. cd build
7. cmake -C ../core/config/gcc-x86_64-sse.cmake ../core/
8. make

After that you should find the CMTK binaries in the ~/cmtk/build/bin directory. If you want to properly install the package, you should be able to run the following to make an RPM package that is compatible with all the specific system library versions on your machine:

cpack -G RPM

Let me know if you run into problems.


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