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Dec 13, 2021  03:12 PM | Roger Newman-Norlund
RE: error running NIISTAT GUI
Are your sure your Excel file is structured properly, with a tab titled 'NiiStat'? I think it may not like the field name for age, please try to remove characters like _ and () to simplify the title.

"You will get an error if your Excel file does not have a worksheet named "NiiStat" (case sensitive)
Error using nii_xls2mat (line 97)
Invalid field name: 'age_(yrs)'.
Error in nii_read_design (line 18)
[dMat, nuisance] = nii_xls2mat(xlsname , worksheetname,'', true);
Error in NiiStat (line 87)"

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salemhannoun Dec 13, 2021
RE: error running NIISTAT GUI
Roger Newman-Norlund Dec 13, 2021