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Jun 11, 2024  12:06 PM | Chris Rorden
RE: Philips enhanced dicoms

This question is underspecified, as I do not know what Philips warning is being referred to. However, it is worth noting that Philips DICOMs are impoverished, so the resulting BIDS sidecars will not contain the information you expect from other manufacturers.

More generally, the Philips enhanced DICOMs have a huge amount of redundant data, which makes the file sizes much larger than the enhanced images from Canon and Siemens, yet they lack the diversity of data required to fully analyze data. I would work with the Philips clinical scientists associated with your site to see if more data can be added. 


I would be particularly concerned about Philips DICOMs from R11.1 and later, as there are clearly examples where the data is not truthful.


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Matthew Sherwood Jun 11, 2024
RE: Philips enhanced dicoms
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