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Package: ADHD200 Phenotypics  Monitor this package  21 Subscribers
  Consolidated ADHD200 phenotypics version 1.0  2016-05-25 20:59
59 KB817AnyOther

Package: OHBM Hackathon 2014 15-minute DSI Project  Monitor this package  9 Subscribers
  Data  2014-06-03 13:14
189.41 MB133Any.bz2

Package: INDI Preproc DTI  Monitor this package  29 Subscribers
  Beijing-Enhanced  2011-10-10 07:00
Beijing-Enhanced-DTI-001   (url)
2 GB356AnyURL
Beijing-Enhanced-DTI-002   (url)
2 GB102AnyURL
Beijing-Enhanced-DTI-003   (url)
2 GB72AnyURL
Beijing-Enhanced-DTI-004   (url)
2 GB60AnyURL
Beijing-Enhanced-DTI-005   (url)
2 GB53AnyURL
Beijing-Enhanced-DTI-006   (url)
2 GB49AnyURL
Beijing-Enhanced-DTI-007   (url)
2 GB51AnyURL
Beijing-Enhanced-DTI-008   (url)
2 GB51AnyURL
Beijing-Enhanced-DTI-009   (url)
2 GB45AnyURL
Beijing-Enhanced-DTI-010   (url)
2 GB45AnyURL
Beijing-Enhanced-DTI-011   (url)
2 GB46AnyURL
Beijing-Enhanced-DTI-012   (url)
2 GB44AnyURL
Beijing-Enhanced-DTI-013   (url)
2 GB46AnyURL
Beijing-Enhanced-DTI-014   (url)
2 GB41AnyURL
Beijing-Enhanced-DTI-015   (url)
2 GB40AnyURL
Beijing-Enhanced-DTI-016   (url)
2 GB43AnyURL
Beijing-Enhanced-DTI-017   (url)
2 GB49AnyURL
Beijing-Enhanced-DTI-018   (url)
2 GB65AnyURL

Package: ADHD200 Preproc NIAK  Monitor this package  27 Subscribers
  1.0  2011-05-31 07:34
All preprocessing results of the Beijing test sample   (url)
2 GB282AnyURL
All preprocessing results of the BROWN test sample   (url)
2 GB82AnyURL
All preprocessing results of the KKI test sample   (url)
2 GB104AnyURL
All preprocessing results of the neuroimage test sample   (url)
2 GB79AnyURL
All preprocessing results of the NYU test sample   (url)
2 GB122AnyURL
All preprocessing results of the OHSU test sample   (url)
2 GB68AnyURL
All preprocessing results of the PITTSBURGH test sample   (url)
2 GB58AnyURL
All test datasets - 1000 ROI extracted time courses   (url)
143.49 MB121AnyURL
All test datasets - 3000 ROI extracted time courses   (url)
424.03 MB85AnyURL
Beijing 1000 ROI extracted time courses   (url)
181.53 MB113AnyURL
Beijing 3000 ROI extracted time courses   (url)
538.25 MB74AnyURL
Beijing anatomicals   (url)
2 GB124AnyURL
Beijing fmri data   (url)
2 GB209AnyURL
Beijing intermediate files   (url)
108.76 MB60AnyURL
Beijing quality control   (url)
282.95 MB56AnyURL
KKI 1000 ROI extracted time courses   (url)
44.89 MB119AnyURL
KKI 3000 ROI extracted time courses   (url)
130.48 MB73AnyURL
KKI anatomicals   (url)
2 GB81AnyURL
KKI fMRI data   (url)
2 GB145AnyURL
KKI intermediate files   (url)
124.12 MB52AnyURL
KKI quality control   (url)
621.62 MB42AnyURL
Neuroimage 1000 ROI extracted time courses   (url)
49.04 MB57AnyURL
Neuroimage 3000 ROI extracted time courses   (url)
145.26 MB41AnyURL
Neuroimage anatomicals   (url)
2 GB39AnyURL
Neuroimage fmri data   (url)
2 GB101AnyURL
Neuroimage intermediate files   (url)
31 MB28AnyURL
Neuroimage quality control   (url)
427.51 MB28AnyURL
NYU 1000 ROI extracted time courses   (url)
273.85 MB87AnyURL
NYU 3000 ROI extracted time courses   (url)
811.41 MB52AnyURL
NYU anatomicals   (url)
2 GB63AnyURL
NYU fmri data   (url)
2 GB179AnyURL
NYU intermediate files   (url)
262.76 MB38AnyURL
NYU quality control   (url)
427.51 MB42AnyURL
OHSU 1000 ROI extracted time courses   (url)
73.95 MB55AnyURL
OHSU 3000 ROI extracted time courses   (url)
218.07 MB44AnyURL
OHSU anatomicals   (url)
2 GB48AnyURL
OHSU fmri data   (url)
2 GB84AnyURL
OHSU intermediate files   (url)
125.26 MB27AnyURL
OHSU quality control   (url)
Pittsburgh 1000 ROI extracted time courses   (url)
68.8 MB46AnyURL
Pittsburgh 3000 ROI extracted time courses   (url)
202.98 MB37AnyURL
Pittsburgh anatomicals   (url)
2 GB34AnyURL
Pittsburgh fmri data   (url)
2 GB66AnyURL
Pittsburgh intermediate files   (url)
44.13 MB24AnyURL
Pittsburgh quality control   (url)
185.02 MB17AnyURL
Washu 1000 ROI extracted time courses   (url)
62.29 MB44AnyURL
Washu 3000 ROI extracted time courses   (url)
183.77 MB28AnyURL
washu anatomicals   (url)
2 GB31AnyURL
washu fmri data   (url)
2 GB62AnyURL
washu intermediate files   (url)
62.9 MB15AnyURL
washu quality control   (url)
196.37 MB21AnyURL

Package: ADHD200 Preproc Burner  Monitor this package  17 Subscribers
  1.0  2011-05-19 08:34
All DARTEL VBM Data   (url)
2 GB470AnyURL
Test Release DARTEL VBM Data   (url)
622.32 MB179AnyURL

Package: ADHD200 Preproc Athena  Monitor this package  23 Subscribers
  1.0  2011-04-16 09:43
AAL Time Courses Corrected Filtering   (url)
168.45 MB693AnyURL
ADHD200 testing set phenotypic information   (url)
40 KB311AnyURL
ADHD200 training set phenotypic information   (url)
80 KB344AnyURL
Brown test release all preprocessing   (url)
2 GB229AnyURL
CC200 Time Courses Corrected Filtering   (url)
274.44 MB349AnyURL
CC400 Time Courses Corrected Filtering   (url)
507.01 MB332AnyURL   (url)
2 KB138AnyURL
EZ Time Courses Corrected Filtering   (url)
168.37 MB155AnyURL
HO Time Courses Corrected Filtering   (url)
161.85 MB164AnyURL
KKI falff corrected filtering   (url)
8.56 MB94AnyURL
KKI_motion.csv   (url)
7 KB243AnyURL
KKI preproc corrected filtering   (url)
2 GB270AnyURL
KKI_preproc.tar   (url)
2 GB548AnyURL
KKI_preproc_xfms.tar   (url)
10.7 MB183AnyURL
KKI ReHo corrected filtering   (url)
8.62 MB99AnyURL
KKI test release all preprocessing   (url)
979.95 MB150AnyURL
Multiregression PNAS RSNs   (url)
2 GB169AnyURL
NeuroIMAGE falff corrected filtering   (url)
5.15 MB71AnyURL
NeuroIMAGE_motion.csv   (url)
4 KB133AnyURL
NeuroIMAGE preproc corrected filtering   (url)
2 GB158AnyURL
NeuroIMAGE_preproc.tar   (url)
2 GB305AnyURL
NeuroIMAGE_preproc_xfms.tar   (url)
6.22 MB110AnyURL
NeuroIMAGE ReHo corrected filtering   (url)
5.09 MB66AnyURL
NeuroIMAGE test release all preprocessing   (url)
2 GB117AnyURL
nvols.csv   (url)
69 KB189AnyURL
NYU falff corrected filtering   (url)
39.13 MB95AnyURL
NYU_motion.csv   (url)
35 KB156AnyURL
NYU preproc corrected filtering   (url)
2 GB223AnyURL
NYU_preproc_part1.tar   (url)
2 GB410AnyURL
NYU_preproc_part2.tar   (url)
2 GB259AnyURL
NYU_preproc_part3.tar   (url)
2 GB211AnyURL
NYU_preproc_part4.tar   (url)
2 GB225AnyURL
NYU_preproc_xfms.tar   (url)
28.74 MB113AnyURL
NYU ReHo corrected filtering   (url)
38.77 MB91AnyURL
NYU test release all preprcessing   (url)
2 GB162AnyURL
OHSU falff corrected filtering   (url)
24.91 MB60AnyURL
OHSU_motion.csv   (url)
20 KB89AnyURL
OHSU preproc corrected filtering   (url)
2 GB113AnyURL
OHSU_preproc.tar   (url)
2 GB206AnyURL
OHSU_preproc_xfms.tar   (url)
10.22 MB81AnyURL
OHSU ReHo corrected filtering   (url)
24.44 MB56AnyURL
OHSU test release all preprocessing   (url)
2 GB94AnyURL
Parcellation Subjects List   (url)
46 KB158AnyURL
Peking 1 falff corrected filtering   (url)
8.87 MB67AnyURL
Peking_1_motion.csv   (url)
8 KB126AnyURL
Peking_1 preproc corrected filtering   (url)
2 GB120AnyURL
Peking_1_preproc.tar   (url)
2 GB278AnyURL
Peking_1_preproc_xfms.tar   (url)
11.02 MB100AnyURL
Peking 1 ReHo corrected filtering   (url)
8.79 MB56AnyURL
Peking 1 test release all preprocessing   (url)
2 GB121AnyURL
Peking 2 falff corrected filtering   (url)
6.99 MB52AnyURL
Peking_2_motion.csv   (url)
6 KB91AnyURL
Peking_2 preproc corrected filtering   (url)
2 GB95AnyURL
Peking_2_preproc.tar   (url)
2 GB187AnyURL
Peking_2_preproc_xfms.tar   (url)
8.68 MB60AnyURL
Peking 2 ReHo corrected filtering   (url)
6.91 MB57AnyURL
Peking 3 falff corrected filtering   (url)
4.16 MB45AnyURL
Peking_3_motion.csv   (url)
4 KB88AnyURL
Peking_3 preproc corrected filtering   (url)
2 GB81AnyURL
Peking_3_preproc.tar   (url)
2 GB151AnyURL
Peking_3_preproc_xfms.tar   (url)
5.45 MB61AnyURL
Peking 3 ReHo corrected filtering   (url)
4.11 MB55AnyURL
Pittsburgh falff corrected filtering   (url)
9.16 MB49AnyURL
Pittsburgh_motion.csv   (url)
8 KB79AnyURL
Pittsburgh preproc corrected filtering   (url)
2 GB100AnyURL
Pittsburgh_preproc.tar   (url)
2 GB196AnyURL
Pittsburgh_preproc_xfms.tar   (url)
11.54 MB76AnyURL
Pittsburgh ReHo corrected filtering   (url)
8.9 MB56AnyURL
Pittsburgh test release all preprocessing   (url)
766.05 MB104AnyURL
Preprocessing scripts   (url)
150 KB229AnyURL
Templates used in preprocessing   (url)
43.86 MB145AnyURL
Test Release AAL Time Courses   (url)
81.33 MB260AnyURL
Test Release CC200 Time Courses   (url)
130.8 MB130AnyURL
Test Release CC400 Time Courses   (url)
238.66 MB119AnyURL
Test Release EZ Time Courses   (url)
81.24 MB76AnyURL
Test Release fALFF   (url)
20.6 MB75AnyURL
Test Release HO Time Courses   (url)
77.96 MB77AnyURL
Test Release PNAS RSNs   (url)
571.96 MB67AnyURL
Test Release ReHo   (url)
20.44 MB64AnyURL
Test Release TT Time Courses   (url)
68.6 MB79AnyURL
TT Time Courses Corrected Filtering   (url)
141.49 MB147AnyURL
WashU falff corrected filtering   (url)
15.36 MB62AnyURL
WashU_motion.csv   (url)
13 KB87AnyURL
WashU preproc corrected filtering   (url)
2 GB97AnyURL
WashU_preproc.tar   (url)
2 GB179AnyURL
WashU_preproc_xfms.tar   (url)
7.87 MB75AnyURL
WashU ReHo corrected filtering   (url)
15.17 MB70AnyURL

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