Release Name: V3D 2.466, V3D-Neuron 2.0, Plugin Interface 0.92

This is a major release of V3D.

Now V3D supports 3D curve drawing from an image directly! See details below.

For different Mac 32/64bit, Windows 32/64bit, and Linux 32/64bit versions, see a few notes:

* Mac
o Mac Pro (Maci) with Leopard/Snow Leopard OS (Mac OS 10.5/10.6), 32bit (On Leopard, 32bit runs faster than the 64bit version)
o Mac Pro (Maci) with Leopard/Snow Leopard OS (Mac OS 10.5/10.6), 64bit (Due to some 64-bit QT problems in event handling, on some machines sometimes the keyboard input in the tri-view window may be blocked if a 3D viewer has not been launched, - open a 3D viewer and return to the tri-view may fix the problem)
o We no longer support older Mac OS X versions (e.g. Tiger, OS X 10.4) or G4/G5 CPUs. You can download the older versions of V3D, e.g. v2.452, that support them. (see V3D official site links http:/

* Windows
o Windows XP/Vista/7, 32bit (generated using MinGW 32bit compiler)
o Windows 7, 64bit (generated using VC 2008 compiler and may be less stable than the above 32bit version)

* Linux
o Linux Redhat and Fedora 64-bit
o Linux Ubuntu (9.1) 64-bit
o Linux Ubuntu (10.04) 32-bit
o To run each of the above Linux releases, you will need to follow the respective step-by-step instructions in the respective README file (after you unzip the package) to ensure you have the library files set up correctly. If you still have a problem, you either have some missing system library files or have incompatibility of the Linux versions. For the former, you can run the “ldd v3d” command in the V3D folder to determine which library file(s) are missing, and then figure out some ways to install these system files (e.g. in Ubuntu, use the apt-get command). For the latter case, you will need to ensure you have an appropriate Linux version (either by upgrading or some other ways).

* Plugin example source code v0.92
o source codes v0.92 for all platforms (Read the README in the zipped file for instructions) After compiling a new plugin, just put it into the "plugins" folder of the V3D program folder.

V3D 2.466, V3D-Neuron 2.0, Plugin Interface 0.92
Change log (May 15, 2010): A major release of V3D that now includes the V3D-Neuron 2.0 (alpha) tracing. V3D-Neuron 2.0 includes a 3D paint-and-trace function that lets a user trace very complicated structure and proofread it immediately. Combined with the graph-augmented deformable model and shortest-path merging algorithms in V3D-Neuron 1.0 (see v2.451 release note below and the respective papers), V3D-Neuron 2.0 in principle can trace any complicated morphological structure of a neuron (or other fibrous structures) within a reasonably short time. The 3D paint-and-tracing function is built upon a one-stroke-drawing for a 3D curve, an important extension to the 3D pinpointing functions of V3D. V3D-Neuron 2.0 can automatically connect individual 3D curves if their end-points are close to another curve, thus complete the neuron reconstruction. Also note that this novel 3D curve drawing function can be used to profile the image voxel intensity along any 3D trajectory a user can see in the 3D space. Therefore this version of V3D lets a user directly produce quantitative measurement along any 3D [curved] path in the 3D space. For demos, watch movies at the Tutorial Movies page.

This release also includes 10 updated plugins, including for example

1. conversion a 4D stack to 5D time series (and vice versa),
2. fast (linear-time) image distance transform in both 2D and 3D,
3. demo programs of the single-image and multi-image plugin interfaces, etc.

The source codes of these plugins can be downloaded below as well.