Release Name: CP3D_v2.2.1


The latest version of CoCoMac-Paxinos3D tool for retrieval, visualization and analysis of primate brain connectivity in a stereotaxic macaque atlas.

1) 20070803_GB - handling of unassigned PHT subvolumes implemented

2) 20070810_GB - updating previously developed features for meta-info retrieval: volume estimates, taking into account the particular slice thickness

3) 20070831_GB - CoCoMac connectivity data visualisation implemented

4) 20070905_GB_AR - random ellipsification of MorphMLTree node components fixed

5) 20070909_GB - density properties non-modal dialog handler updated

6) 20070910_GB - appropriate handling for connectivity graphics components when software is reloaded implemented

7) 20070911_GB - dialogs and their event handlers updated

8) 20070916_GB - update dialogs, their events, case of redundancy of queries, i.e. "the results are already displayed"

9) 20070924_GB - handling ambiguous cases (marked by "#" sign in CoCoMac) - see also data files changes log

10) 20070926_GB - several errors occurred by implementing the previous item are solved (by means of adding new property "pht_original_acronym" to each feature), and some related problems like duplicate specifications in the label, and appropriate handling of the complex features, changing method signature ( - visibility status changed from protected to private)

11) 20070927_GB - "-delete previous arrows?" checkbox and its handlers added, query performance speed increased by means of specifying several columns of interest simultaneously

12) 20071001_GB - setting "data" folder as default in the xls/svg file chooser and changing background colour to black (due to numerous requests)

13) 20071003_GB - self-connections case handling fixed

14) 20080122_AR_GB - sort substructures in alphabetical order

15) 20080122_GB - automatic deselection of previously selected superstructures implemented

16) 20080123_GB - split pane divider behaviour fixed (moving in both directions)

17) 20080131_GB - transparency slider implemented; version is now 1.1.1

18) 20080204_GB - JSlider behaviour for previous improved: no more inappropriate differences in appearances

19) 20080221_GB - background change combo box implemented

20) 20080225_GB - billboard connectivity labels implemented

21) 20080226_GB - densities/labels dialog completed

22) 20080227_GB - fixing label behaviour, adding stereotaxic grid feature; version 1.2.1

23) 20080228_GB - labels added to the grid, display grid handlers fixed

24) 20080602_GB - add "More" ("Analyse") button to densities dialog for providing meta-info

25) 20080611_GB - Dijkstra's algorithm for shortest paths implemented

26) 20080618_GB - Dijkstra's algorithm fully embedded into displayed connectivity analysis

27) 20080625_GB - Acronym queries base switched from ORT_PrimaryProjections to ORT_IntegratedPrimaryProjections

28) 20080725_GB - Querying based on paths implemented; the performance speed is to be slightly increased

29) 20080728_GB - Query dialogs implemented for handling different query types (based on PrimProj, IntPrimProj and mapping paths)

30) 20080801_GB - JTable for shortest path data display implemented, prevented redundancy in metadata display

31) 20080808_GB - Path analysis bug (when database query produces no output) fixed; version changed to 2.2.1; icon changed